Friday, January 05, 2007
Word from Barbara Seranella
Seranella wrote a New Year's op-ed for the LA Times to clue us in on how she's doing since July 2005, when she had two liver transplants, followed by a month-long coma.

I HAVE DEDICATED every shooting star, broken wishbone and blown-out birthday candle to the same thing during the last year: I want my health back.

We want the same for you too, Barbara.

op-ed continues

(Seranella's ninth Munch Mancini murder mystery, DEADMAN'S SWITCH, is due out in April from St. Martins/Minotaur.)

[Thanks for the heads-up on the article, Miss Snark.]

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Bertold Brecht:   
Everything changes. You can make
A fresh start with your final breath.
But what has happened has happened. And the water
You once poured into the wine cannot be
Drained off again.

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