Thursday, February 10, 2005
The Theme Thursday Challenge is Mess (Messy, Disorder, Chaos, Broken, Splatter, Helter-Skelter,... )

The Theme Thursday Challenge is Mess (Messy, Disorder, Chaos, Broken, Splatter, Helter-Skelter,... ).  Posted by Hello

... Amazing what you can find in old trunks. This sweatshirt is like new but must be um. over fifteen years old. (The Bridge still isn't rehabbed? What's up with that?)

Last week I went through two trunks in the back bedroom and sorted through the contents. Saved some. Gave most away. Gave one of the trunks away. Found potential homes for the cloth.

Saturday we emptied four trunks that were out in the garage plus this one in the family room and also a five-foot tall or so cabinet that I bought for $10 twenty years ago from a fabric store that was going out of business. The cabinet originally held clothing patterns.

I kept patterns in one drawer. The other four drawers, though, were filled with craft supplies, half-finished projects, and treasures. I found more crewel embroidery goodies that I'll add to those that I found in the wicker trunk last week. I also uncovered some bags of candy that I must have bought for Halloween (ten years ago? fifteen?) and hidden away so youngsters wouldn't eat them before the big night. The bags were filled with my favorite kinds of candy. Yum.

I dumped the candy in the garbage.

The contents of the cabinet and trunks are now strewn over all horizontal surfaces in the family room, waiting for a proper sort. The older niblet will be over on Friday to check that we're not planning to give anything away that he'd wished we'd kept.

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Bertold Brecht:   
Everything changes. You can make
A fresh start with your final breath.
But what has happened has happened. And the water
You once poured into the wine cannot be
Drained off again.

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